Locking Ramsa DA7, 1884 & Behringer ADA8000 to ART SyncGen

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Mar 4, 2013
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I'm just doing a search to see if my issue has been discussed before I ask a question to the forum. Have all the old discussions been deleted?

A summary of one of my issues just in case...

I'm catching it trying to lock my Ramsa DA7, 1884 & Behringer ADA8000 to my ART SyncGen. I've tried several different combinations tho I have not tried making the ADA8000 the master. Right now I have the SyncGen out > 1884 in & 1884 out > DA7 in. I have 3 slots in the DA7 slot 1 AD/DA (Analog card), slot 2 ADAT Card (1884) & slot 3 ADAT card (ADA8000). Before I tore down I had the DA7 & 1884 working well together. introduce more digital gear it all goes to hell! lol I have not begun to work the 828 mkII & RME ADI-8 pro into the mix yet.
Any insight to offer?
Re: Old topics from the old forum gone?

In your case a external digital clock is probably needed.

The Panasonic clocks the behringer 8000 and other .... The computer clocks the Panasonic. That could work. But only works when the right boot sequence is followed.
With a (affordable) external clock everything will lock to the clock...

The ART clock was allways an affordable clock. But I do not know if that unit has enough connections for your situation.

Re: Old topics from the old forum gone?

It has enough connections as far as I know. Unless I am not connecting properly. SyncGen out > DA7 in
SyncGen out > 1884 in
SyncGen out > Motu 828 mkII in
SyncGen out > RME ADI-8 pro in
Behringer ADA8K > DA& out/thru

Art SyncGen also has 2 spdif connection but in all hpnesty not really sure how they work (Word with spdif).

BTW... How do I know what the correct boot sequence is?
Re: Old topics from the old forum gone?

Update In case anyone cares to chime in with assistance. I changed my connection chain I removed the word clock to try and get things alteast functioning as it was before but now I'm getting nothing but crackling.
My connection to give a bit of clarification...
1884 Firewire > PC
1884 Analog ins/outs > DA7 ad/da card slot 1
1884 ADAT in/out > DA7 ADAT card slot 2
Behringer ADA8000 in/out > DA7 ADAT card slot 3

My BNC configuration
Behringer ADA8000 BNC in > DA7 out/thru... DA7 in > FW-1884 out

Not really relevant but for full disclosure tho this does not communicate with the DA7.

Roland MV8800 ADAT out > RME ADI-8pro ADAT main in RME ADAT out main > Motu 828mk2 ADAT in/out

Posting some images of the DA7 screen


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