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Jul 12, 2014
Hey guys, Just upgraded to logic x and something is very weird. My faders on the DM (In remote layer) are not going all the way up when i take them up on Logic. Fader all the way up in logic = Fader at the 5 mark on the DM4800. something is not right between logic and DM. Any ideas?
Just from a quick glance at the faders in Logic, they only seem to go up to +6. DM Faders go up to +10. Your experience is probably accurate.
I don't remember noticing this on Logic 9 before upgrading to X. So there is no way for me to solve this?
Have you looked in the [setup/preferences/device] menu(s)? There could be some setting where Logic's virtual faders can be re-set or defaulted to some preconceived value. I don't know; (as I've said before, the last time I looked carefully at Logic it was on a 2004 vintage Win95 PC, a somewhat unpleasant experience. :eek: )

Often, there's a small discrepency between the level on the DM's remote layer and on the corresponding DAW's - at least I see this on PT10. However, it's consistent among all the channels, so it's easy to make a reference adjustment.

That sounds like a very unpleasant experience :)

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