Looking at the latest Yamaha desks has me so glad to have a DM


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Sep 30, 2012
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As the thread title says....I was researching the latest Yammy desks today just to see what the damage would be if the day comes that my DM4800 or 3200 bites the dust and OMG the difference in price is staggering. $22k for what is basically a DM 4800 is just mind boggling...not even including the option cards to do the basic digital extras. Please don't die my beloved and affordable DM.
Roger that. I replaced my O2R with a DM3200 when I decided to go 24-bit/96k. Came for the price, stayed for the way mo' better OS.
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Your title exemplifies the the point I was trying to make in the "IF/FW-MKII Discontinued" thread when I said Tascam (or rather Gibson) is making a huge mistake by leaving the semi-pro console market. There are no affordable solutions past the DM series! Your title is also the the reason why I recently duplicated my rig (2 x Dm3200's, 2 x Analog cards, 2 x 2-SeeMy installations, 2 x IF/FWM-KII, 2 x meter bridge). They are currently cascaded but I also have operational continuity if heaven forbid anything needs servicing. You can get a used DM3200 now for under a grand. Not a huge expense for a contingency plan or for doubling your specs if you cascade the 2 units provided that you have the space.

Gibson wants to be more profitable by moving towards low cost devices. Yeah the quick and easy way to make a buck however this will further diminish the Tascam brand and reinforce the misconception that Tascam = junk. In a year that perception will be justified just by looking at their new product line today. Go to the Tascam website and look at the impressive products now listed as "Legacy" and compare it with what they manufacture today. I believe poor marketing along with the general negative perception of Tascam is what led Gibson to their decision. Those were easy fixes that apparently were ignored. Had Tascam leadership handled things differently, we'd all be talking about the next-gen DM specs. In the meanwhile, I love my machines and I'm still a Tascam believer.
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Yamaha makes well built gear. But I doubt I'd ever invest in another of the consoles having used one of their offerings for almost a decade. The DM3200 is just a more intelligently designed product for the way I like to work. And + $20K is in SSL territory.

That said, Yamaha knows how to market its stuff, plus - with a WIDE spectrum of offerings in several unrelated industries, best sellers tend to support the pricier, 'boutique' market products.
So, if they only sell 89 O2R96s, any losses are made up with brisk sales of their new motorcycle. :)

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Tascam has been through a lot of changes and allowing Gibson in was a sign that they do not know what day it is. They made a lot of great products and some junk and I am one to point that out. Well all this digital stuff made in China is not going to do them any good and these are not the same management that made the company good. It seems that in every company that after the guy who started it dies then it is down hill from there. Caig used to be a good company to get chemicals for repairs but some high school kid took over and now we have that ridiculous yellow tube and I will not buy that stuff at all and have already been using something else. Companies change and usually not for the better. I guess it could be said that a company is a one generation operation and the second generation is there to destroy it.
allowing Gibson in was a sign that they do not know what day it is.

I hear you Sam. Gibson bought Tascam so there wasn't a choice. Gibson has keys to the building.
as soon as I heard Gibson bought Tascam I knew Tascam was finished. Shame. why Gibson bought Tascam when they can't run their own division is beyond me. They make Behringer look top class lol
Well Gibson went out of business with Tascam so I don't think they are in charge but when they sold the building and only have a parts department that is paying rent that is the sign on the wall. Why can't these guys evolve and move on to better things- it is always failure we see. They need a leader like Elon Musk.
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