Looking For Tascam MU-1624 AC-DC Power Adapter


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Oct 9, 2013
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M-1600 MMR-8
NEED HELP! Trying to locate a AC-DC power suppiy adapter for a Tascam MU-1624 meter bridge, power supply adapter is a PS-MU16...That is a 7 volt adapter, but I do not know the milliAmps...If anyone has one for sale, or has one and can share that information, I certainly would appreciate it.
Also does anyone know where I can get the LED lamps for this meter bridge...These are the very small single lamps, located directly under each channel level meter across the meter bridge, also 2 under the stereo level meters on the master section side...These lamps just plug into a very small socket...I need a total of 26....Please Advise...Tascam has no parts, or information on this meter bridge...All is appreciated...THANKS!

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