Looking to buy SX-1

D Roach

New Member
Oct 4, 2013
If you're considering parting with you're sx1 I am in search of one.
I've owned one previously, but sadly... you know the rest. long story short I have cash.... preferably in good condition but used or broken is okay(as long as its repairable.)

thanks guys!
Boston, Massachusetts OR Lower East side, NY..
I'm also willing to travel
There are some great deals on eBay. Just picked an SX-1 up from a church in Iowa for $305. Fortunately, I have an OEM SX-1 shipping box to send them as it was a pickup only auction. This SX-1 will either be used as a spare/parts machine or replace one of my other ones. If I decide to part with one, I'm not too far away (in Springfield, MA area).

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