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Jul 15, 2013
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Hi all

i am new here and have been posting on other sites like gear slutz and what not. I just found this forum and wanted to post here hoping there is more Tascam knowledge here.

Recently a friend of mine acquired an M-3500 and an 85-16B 1 inch 16 track. We play together so we will use this for home recording.

The M-3500 has a problem where there is no sound out of the right channel. I have checked all the XLR outputs, CR A and B, studio and stereo out all have nothing on the right channel. I do have the manual and tracked it down to Master PCB C u551. This is an opamp NJM4580D. I have replaced it with another chip, an NTE 5532. Evidently this is a bad choice and I have some NE5532's on the way from digikey.

Someone else mentioned that I should check the solder joints on the jacks on the back but what I noticed is when I put it on mono, I do get sound out of the right channel. I think that means the solder joints are ok. The volume is lower than the left channel but there is sound.

Does anyone have any idea where else I could look for the problem? The VU meter doesn't register anything except when in mono. Even after replacing the chip I still have nothing on the right channel.



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