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Sep 17, 2014
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244 - dp 24
Hello readers,

I am posting a new threat on the mastering aspect of the PORTASTUDIO DP-24.

I have stopped using DAW programms for these three months and dedicated my time on external recorders.
I have faced a slight discomforting noise though when it comes to the master file on the Tascam DP24.

Every time i play the master file from the begining a click sound appears and the same when the master file fnishises. I tred mixing the stereo output when CREATING the MASTER FILE. amking it a subtle intro and outro but still the same one click in intro and outro.

Has anybody else noticed this.
If yes have you managed to overcome it with some way.?

I have heard and seen the pops/clicks on the screen, not that many and they appear to be random in nature. The pops/clicks seem to appear when the compression/reverb settings are turned too far up. However the clicks/pops did not appear on my master when played back. I advise using the jog wheel to locate the pop/crack, set the in/out points on that pop and then edit with silence. I also suggest you check the monitor volume of effects 1 and 2; my clicks/pops were reduced when I lowered the master volume of effects 1 and 2. Note the stereo monitor volume may show under db 0, but the effects monitor volume could be in distortion because it way above 0 db.

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