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Jan 25, 2013
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I was wondering is it a software issue or is a hardware issue the reason tascam didn't add a function for you yo use the meterbridge ( on the dm4800 or 3200) in the remote mode when using a daw, I heard about the work around, have not tried it yet, but I was wondering if they can just make a software upgrade to allow this, if so I wonder can we pettion for them to do it, or maybe a third party can, or maybe i am just beating a dead horse on this one
That utility in general could use a major overhaul. If you simply launch the app first before launching your DAW it works... at least it does for me.

I wish it did the meters in full screen.. but then again once I get around to installing my 2SeeMy Card... I'm basically going to use my monitor as a meter bridge.
I think you are asking if the remote layer could reflect the metering in your DAW on the MU1000.
That would be very cool.
So far, I've not seen any way to make this happen.
There are videos on how to do this on YouTube by Jamsire. It just doesn't do it automatically when mixing ITB. I'd say don't hold your breath for Tascam to implement your specific request. From what I understand it's a lot more complicated than it sounds to facilitie it. Maybe someone more technical can explain.

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