Meter Bridge time clock issue


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Mar 5, 2013
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Tascam DM-3200
Would anyone know why I keep getting a lock issue on the meter bridge. What happens is when I play my session in protools on the top right hand corner of the meterbridge where TC, Locate and Lock is, I keep getting a spike on the CPU usage of protools and when that happens the clock stops but at the same time it interrupts the artist because the audio stops when it spikes and then continues. The other strange thing is I have other sessions and this doesn't happen,Is it a setting somewhere? why am i getting it on some sessions.

How is your DM's HUI/MMC set up? Is it receiving MTC from Protools, or is Protools receiving from DM?

It would be helpful to see a TMC screen shot of your Remote/MMC settings, and - whether you're using it or not - the Automated Mix/Setup screen.

Also, describe or provide screen shot of your ProTools Setup/Periperal menu.

I have the same (or similar) issue (using Cubase as my DAW), but only if DM's automation engine is ON. Does your problem go away, if you turn DM's automation OFF?
Hello guys just figured it out it was in the protools session window where the settings were as follow: I guess it wasn't synced with the Tascam and it caused this error.

Timecode Rate 25FPS
Feet+Frames Rate 24 FPS
Timecode 2 Rate 25 FPS

Changed to the following:

Timecode Rate 30FPS
Feet+Frames Rate 24 FPS
Timecode 2 Rate 30 FPS

I don't get the lock error anymore and CPU native doesn't spike as well. This also cleared my CPU error.

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