Mic/line inputs not working


Oct 31, 2012
Gear owned
dm 3200
hey guys i posted on here not too long ago saying i had some problems with low level and distorted monitoring signal. i finally decided to crack it open and see if i can find anything wrong. so i opened it up and just took out the master amp pcb, the master input pcb, and the master adda pcb. i looked at them. they looked fine. someone told me to reseat the chips so i did i grabbed my soldering iron and just touch the pins on the side of the chips and reseated them. then i put everything back together and now its like my preamps arent even connecting. my mic input has no signal neither does my line input. i dont even hear a click when i turn the phantom power on. does anyone have an idea of what i could have done?
Ok I got it to work again. You were right one of the wires had a pin hanging out I just pushed it back in and now its fine. But I still have the other problem. My audio is still dropping in level and I'm still getting glitches on the dim and talk back switches
I thought the problem was ribbon cables, and reseating the cables solved the problem.
Now I've fixed the audio dropping problem. But my dim and tb switch are still flickering on and off and I can't find the ribbon cable to that. I'm gonna take out the actual monitor pcb today and see if I can find something

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