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Nov 8, 2013
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Tascam 644
Hello folks ,this is my first post so maybe this have been discussed before but however i never found more info , i don't need the midistudio 644 service manual ,all i want is the properties of the PSU ..it's an input with 4 pins (?) ( : : ) i need just to figure out what voltage it supplies which pin since i got my Taskam without PSU , i work with electronics so i think maybe i can put together a + - 10V PSU ,but i also heard there is + 7 there ,so i am really not sure about the pins and want to clear that out ,any help is appreciated .Thanks :)
I have a 644 with power supply, tell me what can I do to help with this project ?
Dear Sir Fattbottom can you please check your power supply pin voltages and mark the values
in a drawing and put here. Please mark the notch in the 4 pin female of your power supply clearly in the drawing. I have the same problem. Tascam 644 without power supply.
PS-M1 power supply.JPG TASCAM 644 PS-M1 Power Supply socket.JPG rohmal
If I am correct, the person that wanted the specs has built his own supply and the deck is working. At least the guy who E mailed me did. The picture of the power supply with pin out is all you really need to make your own power supply and if good ideas are used it can be better than the original.
I am just considering to buy one 644 without a PSU. Do you know Sam if the original PSU is a regulated one, or regulation is done inside the deck?

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