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Oct 2, 2014
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Hi All,
total newbie here (like a lot of the folks posting questions). Once all of the tracks have been recorded, in mixdown mode, can you record the same song multiple times changing the effects on each track each time you record? With each subsequent record session, the mixes and effect you made on track 1 are saved and the next time you rerecord the song I can make the changes to track 2 and so on. The manual is very unclear to me, probably because I am so new at home recording. What I am trying to do is make PAN changes during the recording (during mix down) on multiple tracks. So for instance, if I am in mix down and I want to PAN the lead guitar (all the way to right)on track 1 for the intro section, then change the PAN back to center for the remainder of the song. (First take) I would also like to PAN the key board on track 2 at different stages during the song. (take #2). I would then like to add Delay to the rhythm guitar on track 3 BUT only during the chorus (take #3) and so on. Is this do-able?
What you're trying to accomplish are really "automation" type moves. I'm a newbie with the machine (just took delivery of a DP32 yesterday) but these kinds of things would have to either be done manually (ie..."old school") or by workarounds. For say a guitar that you want delay on only during a certain section, you could just copy the sections you want the delay on to an open track and have the effect send up on that track but off on the other track and so on. Of course, you could also just raise the send during mixdown when you get to those sections. Panning changes would also be done "manually". Like I said, I only JUST got my machine, but I think these are the ways to accomplish what you want to do.
Thanks very much havlicek. I am still learning all of the features and functions, but it all seems pretty coll right now.
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Great Steve. A LOT of this is just "general recording type stuff" and not really specific to any one machine. I hope to be able to share more specific info as I get accustomed to the machine. Anyway, I'm glad you're set.

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