Mixing down stems for film - DA-98

Chris Davidson

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May 16, 2020
New Zealand
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Tascam DA-98
Hi all.

I have a DA 98 that runs very well. I have run it in conjunction with a Yamaha o1R console and a MY8-TD-Tascam card.

I have offered it as a gift to the National Film Unit - Archives New Zealand as I don't use it anymore and they have material on Hi8 they would like to access so they can move it to a more modern format (computer). They are unsure on what other gear they would need to do the job. I am guessing the tapes they have would have stems containing voice, music and sound effects (footsteps etc.).

I am wondering if a IF-TAD would be the answer, but I am not sure what interface they have and there are so many ways to 'skin a cat' in mix-down.

Does anyone have any experience in this area? Advice would be much appreciated.
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