Model 12 bug report -- MAIN is not sent to headphone outs periodically

Discussion in 'Model 24/16/12' started by stank666ocean, Jan 25, 2023.

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    Jan 2023
    Tascam Model 12
    I got this mixer back in September of 2022 and have had the same setup since then, using it as an audio interface with Logic. I haven't touched any settings whatsoever, since I use with heavily with Logic, and everything was set up exactly how I needed it from the factory.

    I've been using the two headphone outs for mixing; I have two pairs of headphones connected at all times and I switch between them, checking the mix, as well as monitors on the main outputs. I usually run the output from Logic on channels 1 & 2 (L & R) and send it to MAIN.

    Out of nowhere last week, I stopped receiving sound on both headphone outs. I quickly realized that I needed to enable the SOLO buttons on the channel strip to hear audio through the headphone outs. MAIN was no longer being sent to the headphone outs!

    I quickly checked the buttons below the headphone volume knobs and verified they were still routed to MAIN (button in UP position). I also verified that the AUX 1 and AUX 2 buttons above the headphone volume knobs were in the UP position. I also verified that the AFL button in the FX fader section was set to the UP position. I then verified that the MENU -> MIXER -> SOLO setting was set to PFL which is what we want.

    I also noticed that the PFL/AFL light was now on regardless of the position of any buttons on the board, which was peculiar given that the manual states "This indicator lights when at least one channel SOLO switch is on or when the AFL switch for the AUX 1 or AUX 2 knob or the FX fader is on." - toggling the SOLO buttons did not change this.

    I checked this great resource and went thru the solutions posted there to no avail, as well as this thread. After some googling and a post to Reddit, it seemed like I was dealing with a bug.

    I ended up performing a factory reset, which changed nothing, and decided that I would have to make do with listening to my mixes sent using the SOLO buttons in mono for the time being :(

    However, today (about a week later), I fired up the mixer and headphone 1 is now receiving MAIN like it did before! I did not touch anything since last using the mixer days before. Headphone 2 is still "broken" and is only receiving when SOLO is enabled. The PFL/AFL light is now OFF. The only thing I did within this timeframe is enable and disable phantom power for a vocal recording session.

    This is the state of the mixer as I write this post - headphone 1 receives MAIN, headphone 2 does not. Both receive SOLO if it's enabled.

    I have no idea what happened and why the PFL/AFL light was on, but will chalk this one up to a bug unless anyone has any other ideas. I have noticed other small bugs that are fixed with rebooting - MIDI out simply not sending MIDI, board not receiving audio output from Logic, etc.