Model 12 export/import vs DP24

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    Just getting to know my M12, having used a DP24 for a few years. There are some things I miss about the DP24 (chiefly: takes, dedicated bounce mode, some track edit features... and 12 more tracks!), although there are I'm discovering workarounds; but there are some things I really like about the M12 compared to the older model (chiefly: audio interface (works with my MPC Live), more efficient track transfer, much smaller footprint).

    One of the things I prefer about the M12 is the ease of transferring tracks to and from a computer. For example - bouncing on the M12 and saving tracks/takes to a PC to free up space on the M12:
    1) Record tracks 1-8 with a variety of sources - say kick, snare, hats, percussion 1, percussion 2, synth1, synth2, bass guitar
    2) Mute all but rhythm section (tracks 1-5 and 8) and, having disarmed all individual tracks, play through on record (to create a 'bounce' on tracks 11/12)
    3) Swap 11/12 with 9/10
    4) Enter Storage mode so that Model 12 opens as a drive on my attached PC (NB: not attached as an audio interface at this point, purely as an external drive)
    5) Open 'MTR' folder
    6) Copy all recorded tracks to a folder on the PC (these can them be pulled into a DAW if desired, see below; or just saved as backup 'source tracks')
    7) Eject Model 12 from PC
    8) Close down Storage mode on Model 12
    9) Clear tracks 1-5 and 8 (as these are now stored on the PC)
    10) Using the bounce on 9/10, record new sources (say, several guitar takes) to tracks 1-5, 8

    This process can be repeated and free things up quite nicely. There's no need to use the (fairly slow) Export Track function from the DP24, the M12 just seems to update the individual track WAVs (in the MTR folder) after each recording pass. This is much faster and more efficient (stem exports could take ages on the DP24. I used to record band rehearsals and it would sometimes take a couple of hours to 'cook').

    Exporting track markers with WAV files:
    I have also found that, pulling the stem tracks into Reaper at least, the track markers (from the M12) are indicated (as dotted vertical lines) on the track waveforms. This is really handy, although it seems slightly glitchy, in that the markers are slightly behind the bar lines (they were placed on the bar in the M12). However the audio is fine, and by snapping Reaper to 'bar' then I can quickly place the markers there in the same locations as on the Model 12.

    And working the other way - creating an edit/bounce of individual tracks on the PC and importing back to M12:
    1) Having pulled individual WAVs of 3 guitar tracks into Reaper as above,
    2) I tweak/edit the performances quickly in the DAW, create a 'guitars' group, and render that as a stereo stem,
    3) save it to the Model 12/MUSIC folder (ensuring the same sample rate and bit depth), and then
    4) import that to tracks 7/8 on the Model 12 [tracks 7/8 need to be clear(ed) to do this, it won't let you import to a track which has data on it already].
    I've now got two 'bus tracks' on the M12 (guitars on 7/8, rhythm on 9/10) and I've got space to record say vocal takes, with control of the relative mix of those elements.

    It's all very slightly clunky, but as I said above, the process of swapping tracks (on the M12 and between M12/PC) is very fast. Pausing between musical 'jobs' to do this and create space for the next job isn't a bad thing for me anyway - a chance to take a breath and refresh the brain. And while I would love the 8 takes per track of the DP24, in practice this will limit me to say 4-6 takes, which is probably a useful boundary to work within and avoid diminishing returns!

    Final thought: the only other things I'm missing about the DP24 at present: the lovely display screen (with it's little cartoon musical notes on startup), the ability to use the RC-3F footswitch, and, perhaps, a slightly superior build quality (the DP24 seems a tad more 'solid' to me; some of the small buttons on the M12 feel a little flimsy in comparison).
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