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    I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a cheap twin footswitch that works with the M12?

    I have an RC-3F (for my DP24) but sadly, using the 2.5-to-6.3mm TRS adaptor I bought, it doesn't seem to function with the unit. (I suppose it could be an adaptor issue - if anyone has any thoughts on that, please let me know).

    EDIT: I just noticed that there's another thread here already about this issue. Mods - please do merge this, apologies for missing it.

    A thread on another forum suggests that the RC-3F operates in a different way so won't work at all:
    "I'm inclined to say definite a no. I have the RC-3F that I use with a DP-24SD and a DR-60D. I believe the RC-3F sends out digital pulses/data (Output format: UART signal (9600 bps baud rate, even parity) to operate the functions on the recorders it works with. The RC-1F appears to be a simple switch with a set of contacts. The Model 12 FS jack is TRS so probably a two switch foot switch can work that is connected with a TRS plug. Would assume functions are assigned to each switch in a menu(?)"

    I found a simple one-button switch that came with an old Yamaha drum module (DD10), and one of those works so I've got a punch in/out switch at least.

    I tried a Fender 2-button MS2 switch (from the Mustang v1/2 amp series), and that only functions as a one-button affair. (It uses a TS cable to connect to the amp, using a TRS with the M12 sadly doesn't expand the capability).

    I've got a 3 button Tech21 switch buried somewhere, I will dig that out and try it and report back.
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