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Jun 23, 2024
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TASCAM Model 24
Hi everyone. A (hopefully) simple file management question.

Just picked up a Model 24 and downloaded the tracks from Produce Like a Pro to familiarize myself with the unit. I used my computer to move to the SD card but I can't get the tracks recognized by the deck. It will see the tracks and play them in "Play SD" but not the individual tracks to be mixed. Where should the tracks be located in the file hierarchy and are there any naming protocols to know about?

Thanks in advance.

Once you've created a new song into which the tracks can be imported, the Owner Manual (page 43?) "Importing Tracks" walks you through the multiple steps (including sample and bit rate matching) to get the tracks into the new song, yes?

If you've done that with no joy, come on back and we'll try to figure it out. We'll need, step-by-step, as much detail as possible to avoid wasting time SWAGing. :)
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I figured it out. The manual was telling me to connect the deck to the computer, but I just copied the tracks to the Music folder on the SD card and I was business. Took me a minute to match the sample rates, but got it to work.

Thanks for the help.
Please download and read the user manual first.
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