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May 5, 2024
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Hey Everyone,

New Model 24 user. Just got it a couple of weeks ago. Recorded drums, bass, guitar, scratch vocal, then added guitar tracks throughout the week. It's a lot of fun using this mixer. Just wondering about the levels on this recording, especially the low end. All critiques welcome. I know the hats are way to loud. It's an electronic kit, L/R out. I didn't do a good enough job mixing the kit prior to tracking, but live and learn. Did a half ass cover of Dear Prudence, no beautiful Beatles ending, just jammed it.

I'm a novice at recording at best, but hope to get better. I sent my buddy the stereo file and he mastered it. Seemed a bit hot, so the link above is soundcloud mastered. Probably a mistake???.....

Hello Andy.
I think you've done a pretty good job for a novice recording engineer.

It would be better to hear the actual mix before it was mastered. That would allow us to focus better on helping you improve your skills as a tracking engineer and balance (mixing) engineer without the mastering process getting in the way.

Two things stand out to me:
(1) The master's average level is around -3 dBFS, but the track is often peaking at almost +6dBFS, well in the red. There's quite a bit of high frequency energy driving that. Taming the range between about 2 kHz and 4 kHz may help get that under control.

(2) The master's low end starts rolling off at about 150 Hz, and is down quite a bit in the kick drum and bass guitar range relative to the mid range. So you may want to focus on bringing that into balance.

There's a section of the forum (Recording 101) that has sticky threads dedicated to mixing and mastering. Lot's of good information there.

I hope this is helpful. I'm sure a few more folks will be joining in with constructive comments.
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I think it's a great first effort man!
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Mark, MJK,

Thanks for the encouraging feedback! I will definitely camp out in the recording 101 section. As far as those low frequencies from the kick and bass guitar, I think it best to at least have the drums on individual tracks so I can isolate the kick (need a drum module with 8 direct outs). Once that's done, I can record another tune paying closer attention to the low end.

Thank you both,

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