Moog bringing back synthesizers from the 70s


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Sep 22, 2012

Moog is releasing a limited run of its most popular modular synthesizers: the System 55, System 35, and the Model 15. Each synthesizer will be hand-made according to the original 1970s schematics. These big, modular synthesizers allow for more natural variations in the sound they're producing thanks to the number and type of components it takes to make them work. The giant cabinets actually help resonate the sound themselves, akin to how an acoustic guitar resonates the sound of its strings. As electronic instruments have become more portable, most of this phenomenon has been lost.

Musicians and collectors alike will have to offer up some serious cash to own one of the three revived synthesizers. Just 55 units of the System 55 will be made and sold at $35,000 apiece, while 35 units of the System 35 will be made available at $22,000 per instrument. The smallest and most plentiful will be the "affordable" Model 15, 150 of which will be sold $10,000 per synthesizer.

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Or you can use a VST :)
Now that's cashing on a legend! More than $ 4,000,000 for 240 units...
I call bullshit on Big Cabinet Resonation contributing to sound. These don't make any sound to resonate with anything until the signal hits the outputs. But people (especially guitar players) fall victim to all kinds of superstitions about wood.

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