More Surface Control For Cubase?


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Oct 2, 2012
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Maybe the answer is what Jamsire has always been preaching..."Use the UDL!"?
I want my DM3200 to control Cubase deeper than what it does by default using the Remote Layer like Send levels, specific plugin parameters, advance by channel not just bank, etc. Is that possible? It seems like the only additional control I can implement are the F1-F8 within Cubase.
I'm almost done with my video.
I'm starting to think that maybe a stop by might be justified when you have the time. Chicken Parm Hero waiting! :)
Did you figure anything out on this front? I fantasize of being able to use the fat channel to control Cubase's 4 band EQ, but I guess that's just a pipe dream. Out of curiosity, what do you have your F1-F8 buttons mapped to in Cubase? FWIW, the Cubase iC Pro iPad app is pretty handy, and probably worth the $150 (or so) cost of a used 1st Gen iPad as a dedicated controller... and in that realm, the TouchOSC iPad is customizable well beyond my comprehension, and can be programmed into a custom controller to do pretty much anything and everything you want.
Almost there guys. When I'm done and you see it, you'll realize why it took so long.
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I don want any more control surface devices than I already have. Plus applications such as Cubase iC require activating the network on my DAW and that's a no-no for me. I keep this machine air-gapped on my home network and the only time I activate the NIC or the internet are for software upgrades. I already have the DM3200, the Steinberg CC121 and the Frontier Tranzport controlling Cubase :). Each has their own purpose but would rather the DM3200 control Cubase a little more deeply than what it can do in the Remote Layer and with the F1-F8 keys.
Almost there guys. When I'm done and you see it, you'll realize why it took so long.

It took so long because you decided to shoot it in Panavision 65mm, on location in Denmark using the remaining few actors from Ingemar Bergman's stock company. And - because the final scene lacked 'ooomph' - you hired a helicopter and did some aerial stunt footage using a 1922 Fokker Tri-Wing which kept running out of gas and falling into the sea.

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No, I think it is because he decided to produce the video on the moon.
A courageous choice, yet fraught with peril.
I've heard some rumors about a recent mysterious moon mission that carried some Tascam mixers and a bunch of wires.
We can only wait and watch. ;-)
So???? I need to know it made sense.
thumbs up for Jamsire
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