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Jul 15, 2013
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Ok so I am trying to hook up my hd24 with equipment I have. I am running tdif out of my dm4800 to a motu 2408 trying to convert to lightpipe then to the hd24. Not getting anything my routing is spot on. I have owned this awesome console for 6 years and produced many great albums with it. I just need some help with the conversion. Could it be a clock problem? I do not have a clock cable hooked to anything because I thought tdif transferred word clock. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks my fellow dm users!

Just trying to use this set up as a back up I have a FireWire mk11 card. Which runs flawlessly. Just want to do this in case of a computer crash. Thanks again

When you are running TDIF AND ADAT, you need a Word Clock cable. TDIF To TDIF is not a problem, when the ADAT Lightpipe is involved - you need a clock.
Hi Bo,
My first guess is that you might be using standard DB25 cables where proprietary Tascam TDIF cables need to be. The pinout is different for TDIF than the analog DB25.
To answer the second question, YES, your 2408 can clock off of the TDIF input. Just select "Dig" as a clock source on the MOTU. I have the MK3, so I am only referring to that model of the 2408 when I say that your ADAT outs should be mimicking the TDIF inputs on every bank. Your setup should (will) work.

So, Are you getting a signal into the 2408 at all? If no, than check your cable type (proprietary TDIF cables Only), Check 2408's Clock source, (Dig) Also, you can go to your digital page (ALT/DIGITAL) and move the curser down to TDIF I/O and "DETAIL" to give you an idea of what is going on there. Does the Tx/Rx MODE say "Hi-SPEED"? That will work to your 2408, but not to your HD24.

You said that your routing is flawless out of the DM...All Good. How do you have your TDIFs routed? What is the clock speed you are using? If you are at a hi-speed clock rate on the DM, the TDIF and the 2408 will utilize SMux, halving all of your TDIF and ADAT output channels, but I think the HD24 is limited to 48Khz anyway, and the DM does not do sample rate conversions on the digital outputs.
Hope something in there helped.......S
Sorry jamsire, I did not know you had posted a reply.
I hate to disagree, but, just so there is no confusion, I am quite sure you can use TDIF or ADAT as a clock source, if the receiving equipment will allow it, which the MOTU 2408 does. (Reference here: ) (Use In ADAT Systems) This is how I have mine setup. The protocol for both TDIF and ADAT has the clock signal embedded and can be used in place of a separate Word Clock cable to transmit the sample rate clock. I no longer have any word clock cables in my system, once I got rid of my Lucid GENx192. Everything is running smooth.
I am running 48khz. This is also the original motu 2408 not the mk111. There is not a digital selection on the clock source on the motu. I will check my cables today. If that's not the problem looks like I'll get a clock cable. Thanks for your input good to see someone else running this way lets me know it's possible.

My experience comes from using the Tascam IF-TAD (which I was trying to sell on here).

I had already been using my ADAT inputs on the DM (with a clock cable) with a signal being fed from a Behringer ADA8000 that has inputs from my CLASSIC Korg DDD-1 drum machine. My analog cards were being used, so I had an IF-TAD - TDIF-ADAT converter connected to a A/D converter box with ADAT out and 8 analog in for another set of 8 inputs. That scenario also needed a clock, the manual for the TDIF and ADAT converter was quite clear. So I wound up buying a Hosa four input clock generator that EVERYTHING is hooked up to. Life is great, no issues and flexible input routing for days!

There ya go!
bodrummond said:
I am running 48khz. This is also the original motu 2408 not the mk111. There is not a digital selection on the clock source on the motu. I will check my cables today. If that's not the problem looks like I'll get a clock cable. Thanks for your input good to see someone else running this way lets me know it's possible.


Hey Bo, I believe that the Original and MKII versions of the 2408 had a selection called "Src" (for source input) in the CLOCK Row, just to the right of "Ext". I would guess that this would allow the unit to clock off of the TDIF input, if TDIF is your source. It would be sending out the SR clock signal generated by your DM. So your CLOCK row should have "Src" and "48" selected. See if that works.
Clocking will be well documented in the manual. As it is mandatory for getting the unit to operate to spec.
I think one thing that is being overlooked is that the DM 4800 / 3200 has TDIF 1 connectors. As I am new to the DM3200 at first I was trying to get all my answers thru their tech support as I didn't know about this forum just yet. Most of the time a guy by the name of Brian who seemed to know very little would answer. So I really don't know if what Brian told me is true or not but he told me there are TDIF 1 and TDIF 2 type connectors. So since the DM 3200 has TDIF 1 connectors what this means is that they will not allow timecode to be transmitted for syncing. I am NOT sure if this is really true this is just what I was told.

So from my own experience I am using An Alesis HD24 to send light pipe through 2408mk3 which is converted to TDIF that is sent to the DM 3200. At first I thought the audio was transmitted flawlessly. But as time went on I noticed there were artifacts in the background and I don't mean clicks and pops. The sounds I am talking about are more random and it sounded like a car hitting turbo boost when using nitro. Since then I connected the wordclock from the MOTU 2408 to the DM3200 and from the DM 3200 to the HD24. The MOTU 2408 is set to internal for clocking as when I try other settings the Nitro turbo boost sounds will remain to surprise me every now and then.

Man I gotta say that this forum is AWESOME as I have been struggling for the past couple of months since I bought the DM 3200 and only been here for about a week and now finally getting things done. Thanks everyone even if we haven't been in a post together just yet I have been taking my time reading all the old post learning what I can. Sometimes I forget there is a manual that might be able to walk me thru something but most the time it's vague and I forget about it. I wish Tascam manuals were as extensive as Motu manuals. MOTU manuals reference clocking very thoroughly and show a lot of third party manufactures equipment in relation to theirs.
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