Mounting my Tascam DR 40 on my video camera


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Jul 22, 2014
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Tascam DR 40
I am interested in recording directly into my video camera with my Rode NTG-2 mic and Tascam DR 40 recorder. I have been creating a separate audio file but prefer to have my video and audio synced in the camera for my video shoots.

What I need is;

1) some type of connector to mount the DR 40 to the cameras shoe

2) a splitter coming out of the DR 40 so I can connect the DR 40 to my camera and get a headphone jack to listen to the audio since the DR 40 has only one headphone jack.

I am looking for direction on this setup and where to find these 2 items for the DR 40.
1) to mount on your dSLR, you can use something like this -

I have similar setup with DR-40 except I'm not using Rode, I just rec directly from my DR-40. I wired the audio from the Tascam to my Canon 60D using a special cable, google "Sescom LN2MIC-TASDR100"

2) Instead of the splitter, I use the A/V output cable that comes with my 60D, cut off the video (Yellow) and connect the 2 RCA to a headphone adapter. By the way, I'm using Magic Lantern on my Canon, which will give you a real time audio meter on screen.

Hope it helps.
Thank you. I did find that same mount and have since purchased it from B&H. I also bought an attenuator cable from B&H and have used that. I get background static with the cable although a Tascam tech recommended I change from stereo to mono, since I was plugging in only one xlr cable, and that helped.
Sucks to have the static noise. If you use mono, I guess you won't able to use the Dual Rec mode? Which is critical in my case (wedding reception/suddent loud peak...etc)

Think about using the sescom cable, it gives me clean tracks.
Sescom wasn't compatible with my Nikon D3200, so I went with the Whirlwind WHH4NL 3.5 Mon, a line to camera mic cable with headphone tap. Down the road I'll consider the Beachtek SLR Pro.

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