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Oct 2, 2012
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Short story. Just bought a sweetwater creation station 400v2 and installed all my software and when I load up any of my cubase 6.5.3 projects I go into a lock/unlock frenzy. Even tried swapping the firewire card from my old PC and stil goes back and forth. Anyone know what could be the problem? Uninstalled the 1.21 firewire drivers already and that obviously didnt help
I forgot to note that I installed 32bit instances of all my apps and plugins. i am noticing everything is fine with certain projects so maybe its plugin related? Weird thing is this particular project I was using test test worked without problems for 15 minutes... then changed my video resoultion and loaded it again and it never worked again.
OK I quickly found the culprit. When I removed every UAD1 plugin from the project.. all is well. Anyone know what's going on here and why these plugins arehosing up Cubase and making the firewire card go into a lock/unlock frenzy?
Hey Charlie. Congrats on your new purchase. I know your previous computing power was aggrivating you, especially while using your UAD card. I don't know exactly what is causing the problem, although it sounds like an IRQ issue. I am thinking that your firewire card and your PCI UAD1 card are sharing a similar PCI address and are batteling it out for resources. You could try moving the UAD to another PCI slot, but, since this is a current motherboard, it probably only has one. Does the new comp have a firewire jack on the back panel? If it does, at least try to hook your 3200 into that and take out the separate firewire card. What expansion slots do you have on the new comp?
Hey Steve. There are 3 PCI slots. I tried all 3 and the computer came with a PCI TI firewire card which I tried in all 3 slots as well AND I put in my trusty firewire card from my old computer.. no difference. It definitely is the UAD1 card. Even with Cubase not even loaded, I can see audio dropouts with the Tascam firewire control panel. Going to pickuop the UAD2 solo PCIe card today. It was an upgrade path I knew was in my future... but was not expecting to do so soon. It kinda pisses me off that I spent a premium on the sweetwater creation station thinking i'd avoid these incompatibilities yet my little computer chop shop PC I made for a fraction of the cost had no issues (other than being 4 years old) with the same exact hardware.
Thanks for the advice! Anyone using a UAD1 with DM3200 and WIn7 successfully?
Even if you are running your DAW in 32 bit mode, a UAD-1 card wil be incompatible with an OS booting in a 64 bit mode. I don't know anything about Windows 7 as I'm a Mac user, but I do know that the UAD-1 card will not work under the Mac OS in a 64-bit kernel.

This is a separate issue from the 32/64 bit plugins.
UAD1 will absolutely work in Win7 64 bit. The problem has been identified and confirmed by sweetwater. The H67/P67 chipset in the motherboard they use emulates the PCI slots via PCIe chipsets and this is where incompatibility lies with some legacy cards. Why they didn't tell me in the first place is beyond me. The resolution will be to purchase a UAD-2 card which they were nice enough to discount for me.
The next bit of fun is when I install the 64bit version of Cubase and the rest of my software. What's this jbridge thing I keep reading? How does it work and does it come with Win7?
Hey Charlie, Jbridge is a wrapper that lets you use your old 32-bit VSTs in the Cubase 64 environment. Cubase also has a built-in bridge that should do it automatically, but apparently this Is not always flawless. I have no experience with it, but it's a separate program you need to buy, but it's quite cheap.

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