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Oct 17, 2014
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Hello there,

I just begin to use my new MSR-24 DBX and I have a big problem...

If there is something already recorded on channels 1-8, when I record on channels 9-16, the channels 1-8 get erased at the same time. For example: I record on channel 9, the channel 1 get erased; I record on channel 10, the channel 2 get erases. That is the same for the opposite: I record on channel 1, the channel 9 get erased.

Both "INPUT LINK" switches are on OFF, and putting them on ON sums the 1 with the 9, the 2 with the 10, etc.

Also, if someone finally have this unfoundable manual...
Issue finally solved.

The man who repaired it last time inverted the 1-8 and 9-16 plugs connected to the erase heads.
Some good repair guy I would say. Maybe good to look elsewhere the next time.

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