Mu-1000 crazy


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Nov 9, 2013
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dm 4800
hello my meter. Mu 1000 this completely crazy after a while it freezes using the signs or go up or down and does not modulate WHAT do more grateful Olavo
Could be:

1. Bad cable

2. Connectors broken, not fully seated, shorted

3. Faulty MU1000.

4. One or more of the MU1000 Layer buttons is stuck or malfunctioning.
(You DO know that you can over-ride the layer selections on the MU1000 by pushing those buttons on the right hand side of the meter unit, right?)

Do all the other channel meters in the mixer behave normally? Can you affect their behavior with the various settings in the Meter Menu? If so, the problem is 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Hello after I hung up the word clock cables from apogee rosetta and cleaned the connectors 1ooo mu of the problem seems to have stopped thanks
Capdan in case everything seems to work rosetta 200 AD and DA did WHAT explained in the topic but the stereo bus signed in outuput seems to not work as they listen to the logic input slot 1 and outuput digital stereo bus aes cables hang apogee remains sound and nothing happens .......
I suggest removing the rosetta altogether and make sure the DM and my work properly on their own. Then if that is successful, explain how you have your rosetta wired in your workflow. Tascman has already pointed to. A thread which explains several ways

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