MU-1000 Meterbridge stops TM Companion recognising mixer.

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Dec 11, 2012
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I'm just getting to grips with the DM4800 and have run into a problem while trying to use the meterbridge and TM Companion at the same time - whenever I have the meterbridge connected TM Companion won't recognise the mixer. If it's plugged in when I start TMC it can't find the mixer and if I plug the meterbridge in whilst TMC is running it loses connection with the mixer.

As far as I know it's the latest version of the software (V1.70). Could it be a midi issue? That's an area I'm not so good in tbh!

Thanks in advance for any help!

Re: MU-1000 Meterbridge stops TM Companion recognising mixer

Start TMC then start the DAW. This should cure your issue. It is a matter of the right starting order so everything can sync up. It is all dumb stuff. Meaning there is (besides the USB connection) two way technology. But not intelligent so it won't resync....
Re: MU-1000 Meterbridge stops TM Companion recognising mixer

Thanks for the response!

The problem seems to be independent of the DAW (Logic 9). If the Meterbridge is plugged in TMC won't recognise the mixer even before I start up Logic. Yet it will when it's not plugged in.

Funny thing is it has worked a couple of times now, but it seems to be totally random (and still quite rare). For example today I tried a few times to get it to work and couldn't went on to mix for a few hours and tried it again as I was leaving and hey presto it worked fine twice! I didn't do anything differently either!

I'll keep trying!
Re: MU-1000 Meterbridge stops TM Companion recognising mixer

This sounds like a possible USB conflict between the TMC meterbridge function and the MU1000.

Open TMC, click on 'MeterBridge', then check to see whether USB/3 is enabled in the MIDI/USB options menu. If it is, disable it and see if that solves the problem.

If that doesn't do it, then there's likely something improperly connected in the DM's 'MIDI Plumbing Screen." (the MIDI mapping system that looks like the plumbing schematic for an apartment complex. :) )

Re: MU-1000 Meterbridge stops TM Companion recognising mixer

It probably is the (in)correct boot sequence. Master should be booted up first. Then other devices one by one.

When using stuff like this the right boot sequence is a nessesity.
Re: MU-1000 Meterbridge stops TM Companion recognising mixer

Firstly sorry for the massive post...

I've been booting up the mac then the DM4800 - I've tried it the other way round but if I boot up the DM first the IF-FW/DMmkI doesn't always lock. When I have had success getting the mac to recognise the mixer with the Meterbridge plugged in it's generally been when I've been working for a while and have turned everything off then on again (mac first then the DM).

Once I got it going I had a look in the TMC options - I might be overlooking something really obvious, but I couldn't find a dedicated Midi/USB option just a general preferences. In that MTC IN was unchecked and next to TASCAM DM-4800 CONTROL PORT in the drop down list.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was something improperly connected in the midi plumbing screen...I had a look but being a complete midi noob didn't touch anything. One thing to note though is the DM had been a display model in a store - so something in there could easily have been altered. Would something in there cause a conflict with what's being sent from the mixer via USB?

One other thing - and I've no idea if this is related to some other midi function but while I was working today (after a couple of hours) the TO SLATE and TO STUDIO buttons starting to engage on their own as if I was using an external footswitch (I changed things in the footswitch menu and whatever I changed it to it did randomly by itself ie PLAY/STOP, EQ on/off etc). I've no footswitch connected and there's nothing in the socket by mistake. It also started doing this (just once) each time I turned the DM on. Very odd!

Hopefully there's something in a menu somewhere that'll help and it's not a fault that'll need a repair. I've got a 12 month warranty, but packing it up and sending it off isn't an easy task!!

Sorry again for the massive post...just trying to get to the bottom of things!!!!
Re: MU-1000 Meterbridge stops TM Companion recognising mixer

Could be something midi is send wrongly to the console....
Re: MU-1000 Meterbridge stops TM Companion recognising mixer

I'll have a look at the plumbing screen then! I'm pretty bad with midi any tips?


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