MU1000 Meter bridge

Hey brother, I just stumbled across this ad and I just got a DM-4800 to upgrade my 2 ol DM-24's so that being said I'm local and in WPB and I need the bridge!!! I've got a ton of things to trade or sell on E-bay but have got a chance to do so yet! I don't have all the bread in hand (long story) but I'd like so speak with you about it ? In addition I also have a few questons for you..

It if you don't mind please hold up on reposting it on e-bay until we speak, I would greatfuly appreciate it! I'm as serious a a heart attack on getting this!

Thank you in advance!

P.s. Please send me your info and and a good time to call and I'll do so or vs versa! Here is a pic when I had the 24's.. Still have it all....


C: 561-351-0119
E-mail 2
This sold. This auction ended in February.

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