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Sep 25, 2012
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I have started a new topic, question from rqstudio.

surprised to see anyone still using the MX2424 But I love the sound! I've been out of the biz for 5or6 years due to the big "C" but would like to put a 2424 mobile rig together. (I have everything I need in storage) Problem is I cant get MX-View running on anything. I have a very old computer w/ XP and an old IBM Thinkpad w/XP but no luck with either of them. Both machines SEE the MX but loose connection before the program will load. Any help would be appreciated!!!
I currently have 2 x MX machines running on several windows XP machines. First off just to clear up a couple of things:

1) Turn on the MX 2424 and leave it for a few mins before opening MX view. Does it them connect?

2) When MX view opens what page is showing first?

3) Is the MX connected to the computer via a hub or direct? If it is direct do you have a crossover cable? If through a hub use a standard cable.

4) Try clearing the preferences in the MX view software, this is not explained anywhere but this is how you do it.

On the windows machine find the software folder for mx view on in the program folder: my computer > hdd: C (usually) program files > tascam > MX-view > clear preferences. Click on and clear preferences.

What may have happened is that you tried at one of the start up attempts to connect to the MX2424 before it was ready and there may have been a glitch as mx view maybe looking for an incorrect address or wrong machine.

5) How have you set up the ip address in windows XP? Are you using the find IP address automatically or have you set an address?

6) If you have a network, are there any other machines on the network?

Well I got the View working on my PC but my IBM Thinkpad wont even install the ViewNet program. It's a P4 with XP Pro and I've tried 1.4, 2.10 and what ever was on my Tascam DVD.? :oops:
Sometimes the software won't install due to windows thinking it is too old, which it is, designed for windows 95/98. Go into the xp thats working > programs folder.
Copy the tascam folder onto a thumb drive. Copy the tascam folder into the program folder on the think pad. Open the folder on the think pad and run MX view. It should then work even without a proper install.


Just to add, got to Tascam support site and make sure you have the latest MX view and operating system installed
Thanks, I'll give that a try, question: why wont she install with '95 selected in the compatibility preference mode?
You know, I wanted to use this for a mobile rig, it I can't get Viewnet working can I just run the MX for a couple of hrs in tape mode? Is there a way to start new projects on the fly without naming? and finally, will ProTools write the waveforms after importing wave files without any?
I have it working on 4 different machines, an NEC laptop xp pro, studio desk top XP pro, studio desk top win 2000, and a little accer note book thing xp home. It should work.

I never use the front panel for projects but yes you will be able to use only the front panel.

Don't understand the last question?

First of all I'd like to thank you guys. I'm not new to this only sat out a few years. The laptop I was putting it on had XP-Royal, don't know if that's the problem but I'm currently installing a regular XP-Pro and will try again. Last question was: If I record projects in tape-mode (without the wav forms) will Pro-tools write the wav forms after importing or does this happen during the convert to wav process? Oh and 1 more, are you guys using version 2.1 or 1.4 of viewnet?
Okay, here is the latest. I went to a really nice guys shop in Burbank (Adams Apple and PC) and we tried installing ViewNet on several different XP laptops and came to the unofficial conclusion ViewNet doesn't like the IBM P4 Thinkpads! He was able to load it onto a newer Dell that had a wide screen and 1 gig of ram however and since he's got a couple more he's going to make me one this weekend, I'll let you know how it goes Monday. Oh and did I mention the price? Around $100! Tell him Rick sent you.
First up, view net and mx view are different software programs. viewnet was the old software and was replaced by mx view. Viewnet probably wont work on anything after win2000 as they no longer supported it. So do as I said with mx view and it should work. The other option I tell people is to just get an old clunker of a lap top run win 2000 or 98 on it and mx view will work fine, but as I have said it works on xp and a friend even had it on vista.

The setting with writing the wav is only for viewing, there is a setting that does not display the wav while you are recording to save taxing the MX, but as soon as you press stop the wav graphics are written, that is the setting you need. Access the menu through the front panel menu. I am out with a tour at the moment and don't have the mx in front of me so I can’'t tell you where it is.

QUOTE: "First up, view net and mx view are different software programs. viewnet was the old software and was replaced by mx view. Viewnet probably wont work on anything after win2000 as they no longer supported it"
OMG! I thought it was the other way around because of the ver. numbers, 2.1.0 being a higher number is ViewNet but you're saying I should be using 1.4 MX-View? That could solve a lot of problems!
Hey Alan,

Nice to talk again!

Just for the record, I've had ViewNet running on XP in the past. Really wasn't a problem to get it going at all - just ran the installer program. I had a harder time getting MX View going on that machine (an old Dell laptop); just couldn't get MX View to do Ethernet backups (back before I moved to SCSI as per your terrific instructions!), so I used it for backing up only.

I strongly suggest putting in the effort to get MX View working. Well worth the effort.
All right, it's very simple when you're loading the correct program! Since Viewnet 2.1 was higher than MX-Views 1.4 I thought it was the newer version. Not true! I loaded 1.4 on my PC and my ThinkPad and we're rolling like it's 1999! Best converters in the business and a very simple mobile rig to move around and view. It's all coming back to me now so let me know it I can help you!
Glad to see it's worked out! Nice to see you on the boards again, too!


Glad to see it all sorted, the old viewnet / mxview confusion. I think the only time you need viewnet is if you have to update/install the operating system onto a mx as this can't be done via mxview. If you already have the operating system on the memory card then you don't need it for anything.

With protools, there is a tutorial here with project transfers between the mx and protools, however it may be a bit out of date in the protools side of things.

Good to hear from you again timm.

I guess if you gotta have a good editing program PT is the standard of the industry but I've never been impressed with the sound quality. I know it all boils down to pre's and converters but it's still hard to beat the DM-3200 and the MX-2424 for ease and quality! I actually use the DM as an analog mixer and use the converters in the MX to lay the tracks down. MX-View is actually a wonderful DAW for many applications but if you need more editing, importing to PT is not that difficult. Seems like I could have written this 10 or 15 years ago but yes, this is 2013 and the MX still rules!
witzendoz said:
I think the only time you need viewnet is if you have to update/install the operating system onto a mx as this can't be done via mxview.

I said this ^^^ earlier, actually you can update the software via mxview, I have never done it but the manual says it can be done. Page 77.

You are correct again Alan, I just recently down dated the software from 3.12 to 3.11 using mx view.
Also, I can confirm that mx view runs well on windows 7 32 and 64 bit, although
you can't install it in windows 7 64, you need to install it on xp etc, then copy the Tascam folder from program files to a usb stick then paste it in your 64 bit system.
Interesting, I probably could run it on my new laptop but I was (and I'll mention this again because I thought it was a GREAT DEAL.) able to find a guy in Burbank that has several IBM Thinkpads with XP, 60 gigS and 512 ram for $70. ea. This thing is built like a tank and runs MX flawlessly. Thanks for the help and advise.
Technology is funny. I was going to build my old PC around a new rack-mount case. This would probably have cost me a couple hundred bucks when finished and I'd have to lug around a fragile monitor with it. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I could use a laptop and store it in a drawer within the case and it only cost $70, brilliant!

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