MX2424 Can't mount volumes


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Oct 13, 2013
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MX2424 DM24 DVRA1000HD M3700
Hi everybody,
Suddenly , my MX2424 won't mount the drives after powering up. Does someone know where is the issue?
Thanks for your reply
To help me help you, can you answer these questions:

1) How many drives are you trying to mount together?
2) How long has it been since you low level formatted the drives?
3) Had you unplugged the drives and reconnected them before the problem?
4) Are there any new drives in the system?

Hi Alan,

In fact, after powering up, "mounting volumes " appears on the display and nothing happens, all controls are disabled. My MX is equipped with 2 internal drives.
This problem appears just after having low formatted one of the drives(ID: 0).
Thera are no new drives, and I haven't unplugged them.
Have a nice day
Did you initilise the drive after the low level format? If not try that first, you do this with the drive unmounted.

To fix this problem you may have to unplug one of the drives (just the power cable will do don't unplug the scsi cable unles you have to) and try to mount one drive only, if drive 0 is the problem, you may need to start the mx on the other drive, if it mounts, with the power on the mx still on, unmount the drive, plug the power into the drive 0 and unplug the power on the other drive, them redo the low level format and then initilise.

Many thanks Alan for your valuable advices, now everything is OK.

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