MX2424 does not recognize fujitsu disk 73 gb,


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Dec 2, 2014
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install a new disk scsi fujitsu of 73 gb, do not install the recorder, the computer recognizes it.
Any suggestions?install a new disk scsi fujitsu of 73 gb, do not install the recorder, the computer recognizes it.
Any suggestions?
I have found some scsi drives just don't want to cooperate, I have a pile of them on the shelf that just won't talk to the MX, and some won't talk to the PC as well. I have been trying to solve this for years.

However, the scsi drive must not have any partitions on it, if there are 2 drives mounted they cannot have the same ID number. As yours can be seen by the computer, can you make sure that it does not have any partitions, and it is formatted to FAT32.

thanks for your opinion,
This scsi is one in the machine, have been placed Segate other identical disks and have no problem.
what is mentioned at the beginning is hard to believe but true.
what I want to know what is the reason for this behavior
Thanks Alan.
Are you trying to mount it or trying to get the MX to do a low level format? If the drive has any partitions at all it will not work and you will have to format on the PC with no partitions.

Has the drive had a low level format? Has it been initialised as FAT32.

As I have said, I do get this problem for time to time, some drives I can't even see on the PC, but the drives that I can see on the PC I usually format FAT32 and the problem goes away.

thanks for your advice, I will try formatting again.
I commented on the machine qe I can not format the disk that does not recognize it, check the "no media" cone.
It is the first time this happens to me with a disk.
Thanks Alan and I'll see what happens
I'm not clear on if you are installing the drive internally in the MX or as an external drive (all drives used should be external, never internal).
I recall around 18 months ago I connected an ebay purchased external drive and it was invisible to the MX, not visible in the menu, press mount and MX says no new volumes etc.
I took note of the drive ID number on the external drive which was 1 if I recall correctly, so i went into MX initialize menu and selected fat32, selected 1 from the 0-7 list, pressed initialize and the MX could now see the drive, so obviously I then did a low level format and another fat 32 initialize again and all was well.
Thanks for your opinion, the disc is placed as an intern and another disk without the MX does not recognize it, can not give the mx format or initialization by the machine does not.
I wonder if anyone knows the reason for this.
Thanks and Regards Darren

I was looking back through the archives to see how to set up a "new" SCSI drive. I'm in the process of getting a computer set up with a SCSI card so that I can connect to the drives that I have but I don't see the process for setting up one that has previously been in a computer. I know that Disk Director is the software of choice for setting up the SATA drives but what about the SCSI ones? I have also looked through the SCSI document from Tascam but don't see anything there about drive setup. Thanks.

You theoretically don't have to set up a scsi drive before connecting to the MX, all you do to new drives is low level format and then initialise. The problems arise if the drive has been formatted with partitions or some other strange configuration.

Yeah, I'm not sure what's going on. I've recently purchased three drives and none of them will format with my machine. I should have a computer that I can look at the drives with soon and I'm hoping that it's something simple. Thanks for your reply.

I have had problems with some scsi drives in the past, some just mount up and no problems, some I have connected to a PC and formatted to fat32 using windows then they work, some just will not work at all. I am going to try to use Disc Director (which I just bought) to fix the stubborn drives, however I have a busy schedule over the next 2 weeks so finding time is the problem. If I was you I would get aPC with a scsi card and try to format fat32 using windows for the time being.

The PC scsi is also good if you get any problems with drives that have recordings on them to help recover the recordings.

I have a PC with a SCSI card and have connected the HD to the computer. Installed the drivers and Windows says that's OK. The cable from the card to the drive has an active termination on the end. I cannot see the drive in Explorer. The BIOS sees the card in the PCI slot too. Any ideas of what could be happening? Thanks.

Have you got working scsi you can test the system with?

I have had this same thing happen, frustrating, have a look at the factory pin out and see if some unusual option has been selected.

Try looking for the drive in control panel > add hardware.

Try aSystem properties > hardware > device manager > (I think it shows up under) universal serial bus controller, if not maybe disk drives? (I have a different computer with me so it's from memory.)

I tried another drive and it sees it. FINALLY! I am in the process of formatting it now. Slow and steady. I'm beginning to think I have some bad drives. Thanks.

Finally got to look inside the drives with the computer. 3 of the 4 have problems being read from the computer so they're basically unusable. One 36G was too large for Windows to format so I had to use a 3rd party software. It said it formatted the drive but then I couldn't mount it on the machine. I am now trying a LLF on the MX to see if that will format it correctly. I'm going to order a couple of more drives from ebay and see what comes of that.

LLF on the drive ran for 24 hours and never finished so I turned it off. I put it back on my PC and it shows it with no partitions and formatted to FAT32. I am going to format it again and see if that works. I'm quickly running out of ideas.

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