MX2424 Version 1.13, Support ADAT Optical?


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Jul 29, 2013
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Just picked up an mx2424. No digital option cards, and no analogue option cards installed, prior user was employing aes/ebu only.

The internal (36gb) hd has a dozen or so programs recorded, so I know the thing works.. All the controls and menu perameters are responding normally.

So: I've installed an ADAT Optical i/o Card (TASCAM IF-AD24, new/old stock) and when the Optical Card is connected to the motherboard of the mx2424 the recorder will not power-up.

I am using a standard SCSI ribbon hd connector, because, well, it fit.

I am running early software; Version 1.13

What is the problem? Is this happening because the software Version does not support the Optical Card?

Is the scsi cable is incorrect?

Or, is it because the card itself possibly defective?

Bottom line: My question is, simply; Does V. 1.13 support the Tascam Optical i/o CardIF-AD24.
If it DOES, I know it's one of the other aforementioned possibilities. I'm new to the mx2424, didn't realize that the early Versions may be limiting to operations. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Dan, Monterey Bay, CA

The Adat (optical) card should work with any version of the software. The problem is either with the card or the cable you are using is not configured correctly. What happened to the original cable and why a scsi cable?

I have installed 2 cards in 2 different machines and never had a problem.

Just to check on the operating system updates, just go here and have a read through the update release notes, however I am sure all versions worked with the adat cards.

Man, thanks so much for the swift reply, that's really great. The card I bought came w/out a cable. I used a 50 pin SCSI ribbon cable that I found at computer surplus store, well, because it's in good shape, and it fit.. 50 pin to 50 pin, with the little "ridge" in the middle. The mx2424 mother board "dig-i/o" male receptacle accepted the ribbon cable, as does the Optical Card, so I figured, cross my fingers, connection is connection. The card could be bad, but I'm thinking it's the cable, as u mention.
Reason I was hoping 4 quik reply, is because I'm watching an mx2424 Version 3.13 on ebay, and didn't want it to get away, if I needed the newer version to use an adat card. **So, what is the MEDIA CARD? Is it a standard card that I can find online? or do I have to get lucky and find one, or buy an mx2424 that has one still with it? Thanks again, so much, Dan
I agree that the cable should work, but it would not be the first time at a should work cable has not LOL. The place I have bought my adat cards from is here ... 4cf6a979dc reasonably priced new in the box with cable and instructions.

The media card is a different story, they are not a standard formatted card, and as far as I know only Tascam can supply them. I think Tascam may not have any left. If you do pick up another machine make sure it has a card. One of my machines looses it's operating system on start up from time to time so it's handy to have a card anyway in case it happens to you.

A couple of questions, did the MX start up again when you removed the cable from the adat card? Is the machine you are looking at fitted with a adat card? and does it have the media card with it?

Thanks again. Yes, the MX booted-up beautifully after removing the cable. (Is it possible I had the cable backwards?) I had the P1 end in the adat card, and the P2 jack / terminated end at the motherboard. I am afraid to put the cable in the other way, nervous I'd screw something up.. should I give that a shot?

Anyway, I asked the seller about the MEDIA CARD, hasn't answered, but it's later where they are, and they have been real good about replying so far, so I'm guessin they're down 'til morning.

The MX Tthey are selling has the TDIF24 digital i/o module installed, and I can see the "DIG IN" light illuminated on the front panel, in one picture.
IF you go to the tascam downloads page linked in my first reply, there is a document called: installation and use optional hardware installation guide. The cable can go either way, but check you have it in the right slot on the motherboard.

You are not alone with the lost card problem, 4mb smart media cards but formatted to Tascam proprietary format. If anyone out there has any suggestion please post.

4mb smart media cards -
I bought a standard second hand 4mb 3.3v smart media card off ebay,
put it in the mx2424, formatted it and loaded the mx software, works well, so it appears any 4mb 3.3v card should work.

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