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Nov 20, 2013
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Hi, new on here. I've been using the forum for a while, since buying my DM-4800 + IF-FW/DM mk II.

I managed to easily integrate it into my system, comprising a Mac Pro (2008? - 4-core - 2 x dual-core Xeon) + 7GB Ram; Logic Studio 9 and Pro Tools 10). I can use 32 duplex channels via FW of course and Mackie control is easy, even if I have to switch drivers on the DM between the two apps.

I have an issue (of course!) - which I'll repeat in the appropriate forum. I need to upgrade my Mac Pro which is 'stuck' with OS 10.7.x, therefore I can't upgrade Logic to X or Pro Tools to 11 as both need OS 10.9.x (Mavericks), so I'm eyeing up an iMac (27"; Fusion drive etc) as a replacement. Problem is it doesn't have Firewire, and it's looking like the only way I can connect the DM to the Imac is via TB - FW800 - FW400. That sounds like it will cause problems. Anyone out there got any advice/ experience with this issue?

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