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Sep 21, 2013
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Tascam dp-24
I am hobby-musician and thorugh the years I have had a lot of different setups at home to record music. It started out with a four-track cassette studio in 1989, then there was mini-disc 4-track, a few harddisk-recorders and the last 10 years or so I have used a computer.

Tired of dealing with PC I wanted to get back to basic and bought a Tascam 24-track a few days ago. Now my setup is complete. For me its the absolutely best setup I have ever had. I can just sit down whenever I want and push the record-button. Everything is plugged in and ready to use.

On the following pics you can see the setup. (I also have a Marcus Miller jazz-bass, a Roland HD-1 digital drumset and a Røde K2 microphone not seen in the pics) Here we go:

This is my living-room. :) I have a deal with my girlfriend that I can put as much equipment as I want in the livingroom, just as long as it can be placed on top of the piano.

This is the heart of it all, the Tascam DP-24. Doing homerecording for about 24 years now on an amateur-level, I can surely say this is the best portastudio I have come across so far. I have buildt a special stand to angle it steeper so its easier to handle.

This is another beloved item. I would have loved to cranc up my Fender tweed deluxe, but as long as I have neighbours this is second to best: The Kemper profiling amp. It emulates the sounds of different amps straight into the board. Its far better than everything else on the market.

This is a nice little amp from yamaha. Its actually quite good and I mic it up from time to time.

The IO-dock is a nice little thing. I plug a midi cable from the piano to the IO-dock, opens the ipad-synth I want to use and from there the sound goes to the studio of course.

My homemade pedalboard. It has a buildt-in programmable looper to help me switch between sounds.

My favourite guitar, the heritage. Its handmade, its heavy and the sustain is tremendous. I have switched out the bridge pickup and also attached a bigsby.
Well, it seems my pics are too big. Sorry for that.
Very nice set up - heres mine, in my loft.Everything goes through the patchbay. One screen is attached to the 2488 the other to a PC.


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