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Oct 12, 2012
The Hague, Netherlands
Gear owned
It has been emphasized many times here that the DM can route anything to anything and that there isn't one right way to setup your configuration. As a contribution to the discussions, here's my setup as an example. It works well for me and maybe there are elements in it that can work for others. I mix mainly OTB, though I do use some plugins in my DAW (Cubase version 4!).


- Studio inputs 1-24 are routed to ch 1-24, Buss 1-24 to FW output 1-24 (faders at 0 dB). That way I can route any studio input to any DAW track using the Assign buttons.
- Outputs from the DAW return on ch 25-48. The mix is fed back into the DAW on Output 25-26.
- On the mix track, plugins are applied for mastering purposes. The output is fed back into the DAW using Outputs 27-28 (input bypass), to create the master track in the DAW.
- Monitoring is done on the Stereo buss, except for the master track. This track returns on ch 63-64, which are not connencted to the Stereo buss (to prevent feedback), but are monitored on Aux 11-12.
- Studio monitoring through the Studio outputs. These outputs are also fed to ch 53-54, which are not connected to the Stereo buss, but via Aux 6 to an amplifier in the studio. This allows monitoring through speakers in the studio with a talkback option.
- Channel signals are fed back into ch 59-60 (loopback) through Aux 5, using a small delay and phase inversion. This emulates a mid/side effect on any channel by turning up the Aux 5 Pod.

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