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    Recently, I posted a message asking for tracks from anyone who would be willing to send raw tracks to me for the purpose of testing a new console, and brand new mixing automation system. Several Tascam Forum members contacted me privately and did indeed trust me enough to give me access to their tracks for testing.

    Those tracks were invaluable to me and enabled me to really push the limits of my new mixing chain. The experience of mixing previously-unknown tracks was totally real-world, and the results yielded revealed issues that required programming changes and subsequent releases of the Alpha software.

    Without those tracks, this level of flushing-out would never have been possible. Because these kind individuals approached me in private, I cannot reveal who they are. Nevertheless, I wish to publicly convey to them my most sincere thanks!

    Also, I did send those individuals some work-in-progress mixes, and quite honestly, as these mixes were test beds, naturally they were not exactly release-worth mixes, lol. I want to thank you for your patience, as I realize that hacking on your tunes was probably a bit un-nerving to hear! But I never got any negative responses - just expressions of surprise, understandably.

    So, to those individuals, if you would like me to complete an actual usable mix for you, it would be my pleasure to work closely with you on revisions until we get what you need.

    And, to the rest of you on the Tascam Forums - I am open for business! 32 channels mixing with FULL console automation, and FULL recall!
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    Now, that's what "class" looks like, folks!
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