NAMM Show near....... The world of Pro audio gonna explode?


Sep 29, 2012
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There is some new and some old. Lotsa old right now. And it's really time for the new.... Many people nowadays have a computer. And have owned more than one. They own a tablet. Be it OSX based or Android. Or even windows tablet (tho they are a rare animal). USB2 soundcards and PCI-E cards are fased out. Firewire is forgotten and the market for Pro Audio has never been so unstable as now.

Digital mixers and gadgets have crushed analog multitracking and the new ways are now really the old ways. And the new ways aren't really finished yet.

Never have there ever been so abundance of electronic devices in so many variants. I have never ever seen that many tube amps in so many variations.... Being so widely available thru online distributors as now. Guitars have never been cheaper and it has never been easier or cheaper to get into synthesizer playing. Everybody now can play drums dead quiet with midi drumkits.

But whatever you buy now..... like something wich is not vintage-y feeling..... is like throwing money away. A digital drumkit...... gone is your money... a soundcard..... Baoom.... flying in the wind. ....... But a new Gibson Les Paul holds it's value. A Fender Strat too.... A Nice Bugel or trumpet..... Likewize.... But if you buy a digital mixer...... The day you walk out the store with it... It's value decreased by 70%. And like 80% in two years. It will be obsolete in 3.

But the world marches on. And new ways are found everyday. I can use the old strat. And play a synthesizer by just plugging into a soundcard and using some software..... But If I have some kids over who play music.... They have never seen an analog console in their life. And my analog console aint worth nothing. But their iPad equipped Akai sampler neither..... And places where to perform are like .... non exsistent in Europe. And the people who can be seen on stage are the people who were big in the world of cd's and Dvd's or records..... And.... Who has cd's nowadays....

So since what's in the shops now is outdated anyway..... New things will be available at NAMM soon. And I can only imagine those things will be mindblowing. Tascam Cakewalk and Gibson should be able to bring something amazing..... Other companies like Native instruments will bring Guitar rig to Android. SM Pro Audio will bring a stage box with wifi, remote mixer over tablet and usb recording. And there are many other manufacturers out there who still keep silent.

Windows 10 will bring Thunderbolt 2. And it will have low level implementation into the OS. And because of motherboards with 30 to 40 busses internal processing will be lightning fast. So this combined with quad 6 or eight core processors SSD's and lotsa memory things will be small, feature rich and ...... simply work......

Now do they?

Don't worry..... Tascamforums is here to the rescue....


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