Need 788 v2.0 generated data backup restored and converted to wav files - anyone offer this service?

Tom Burdine

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Oct 9, 2014
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I sold my two 788 portastudios and need to pull wav files from a data backup of a song I need track from.

Anyone interested or know of an emulation conversion program or anything like that? - my goal is to get wav file of a guitar track from a CD which holds a 788 v2.0 data backup of a song.

Just looking for a way to get the guitar track without having to buy another 788 - I sold both 788s and my 2488 and now use Pro Tools 10 on a Windows 7 64-bit box with an MBox 2 Mini interface. I could mail the CD to anyone willing to help out. It would be greatly appreciated.
I have had the same problem since 2008 when I sold my 778 - the answer is sadly you need a 788 (and a burner) to get the Wav files.


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