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Feb 6, 2013
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-I just recently purchased a new DP-24. This unit replaced my aging Alesis ADAT/Mackie set up. So far, I'm really impressed and am really looking forward to diving more and more into this-

A few questions I need help with-tried seraching online, but really didn't find anything specific to the TASCAM DP-24. They might seem like fundamentals that most 'home-tapers' should have down by now-but this machine has some functions I'm new to-so bear with me;

1. OUTBOARD GEAR: I have two effects units--REVERB & DELAY--that I would like to use. I see that there's two EFFECTS SEND on the back panel. I'm assuming that I would use a Y-Cable FROM the SEND, TO the UNIT'S 'stereo input'---then a Y-Cable from the 'stereo out' to where? an un-used channel/input on the TASCAM?

*If that's the case-how does that channel get 'assigned' in the MIXER?
*And can I use two (2) separate effects units?

2. DRUM MACHINE: I have an ALESIS SR16---question; should I run cables-LEFT/RIGHT into two channels on the TASCAM and (1) run them Hard Left/Right or (2) Center on each channel? I noticed a conflict with some info in the instructions-suggesting that they run as a Stereo-Channel vs Two Mono...

3. I'm using a MARSHALL JMP-1 guitar preamp; it has two (2) unbalanced outputs/speaker emulator outputs...question is-would it be ideal to run both outputs as (1) single input to a channel, or run (2) Left/Right into two separate channels?

If anyone has any suggestions-I'm open to all suggestions and would appreciate the help, very much--

Hi Hiwatt 1000,

Regarding outboard gear I use a few with my dp-24. Just run it from the send effect either 1 or 2 or both and return the signal to any unused input and assign that input to the track you want to print the effect to. You then will be able to control it with the send effects 1 and/or 2 knobs and their respective masters, just like you do with the on board effects. I recommend recording a dry track first and then use a pre fader send effect on the source track to pass it thru the effect box and record it on a different track. In this case you can always change the settings or the effect later and always use the same dry track for source. Just set your Reverb & Delay to 100% wet and there you have and effect track you can control with your fader and mix in with the dry track as you see fit.
The mono vs. stereo is a matter of preference and also could be a need for stereo recorded instruments (like instruments recorded in stereo with 2 mics or a stereo mic). I usually use stereo tracks for signals that will be panned dead center in the stereo image because you will not have much flexibility with panning in the mix using these tracks. If you are planning on spreading your panning let's say 10 and 2 o'clock of the spectrum by all means use two mono tracks to get the best the case of the drum machine it depends if your drum parts are stereo and how the panning is set on the SR16 to begin with, if both L and R channels play the same or let's say you have a tom fill that spreads from left to right...but to answer your question, If you use a stereo track run cables left and right from the SR16 to the Tascam and assign each input to the stereo track (say C and D, both assign to say track 23/24) if your SR16 is set to mono you could use only one cable and assign the same input (say C, to both channels of the stereo track with practically the same result.
For your last question, again it really depends on panning and arrangement...I personally like to print rhythm guitar on to a stereo track and then other guitar parts on mono channels and pan them across the image to widen up the mix but technically a guitar amp output is mono and unless your effect loop contains stereo effects, using a single mono track should do.

I'm thinking of purchasing a DP-24 and I wondered if it can feed out to a larger video monitor !
Hi! Unfortunately it doesn't have a monitor hookup...I think the Boss BR-1600 has a video link....but it's on a different price range....The DP-24 is great once you get used to the monitor...I suggest you get it! It's a lot of fun and a great bang for your buck.
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