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Oct 14, 2018
Hukou Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
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Congrats! Looking forward to seeing and hearing it soon.:)
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Congrats @-mjk-, she looks promising! Any anticipation on the pickup specs (wire, magnets...) which I dare to assume will be hand-built?
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@Max Relic, It will have B&B Specials pickups and they will be engraved with my artist name (because I'm not a Brian May cosplayer). The wiring is identical to the original with the 6 Jean Renard slide switches. Most of the boutique pickup makers are doing them hand-made according to what has been published about Brian May's own modifications, as well as some insider information from luthiers such as Grey Fryer and Andrew Guyton. They are all pretty close to the originals in specs and tones. There have been a few newcomers to the BMG pickup game but I trust Raimon, the builder and his choice of materials. The bespoke components of the vibrato system (erroneously referred to as the "trem" by most websites, including his) are all machined to the original specs and so are the control knobs. I'm having Raimon install a Knight Superpot in the guitar, which is what Brian has now and is not an original spec. It will be setup for .008" gauge strings which is what I am exclusively using on my electric guitars now.
Thanks @Max Relic. I have a few solos I want to use it on. I held back from using another guitar, but I know it will be worth the wait. I ordered it back in November.
I followed many a guitar build on the TDPRI Telecaster forum and got an idea of the complexity of luthiers job. It takes knowledge, experience, patience and much, much love to create a guitar from zero. It's a long path that takes time and efforts before the finished guitar can eventually be played. Making a great guitar's replica can be exceptionally challenging but the result will surely be a great reward for both the luthier and the owner.

edit: added link to TDPRI forum ;-)
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I've 'followed' a few git'r builds/builders myself. Once you get to the real artisan-level builders, it's an absolutely awe-inspiring effort, and the resulting instruments are nothing short of extraordinary works of art - that you can play - and BOY do they play!
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