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Welcome To The Forum!

The DP-24/32/SD series is a very stable and error free platform.

  • If you're unsure how to accomplish a task;
  • If you're having difficulty with accomplishing a task;
  • If you're experiencing error messages or SD card related issues;
Then chances are the solution can be found in one of the technical stickies at the top of this forum ("sticky" topics are also known as "pinned" topics and have a pin icon).

So as a new Forum member, I suggest, if you haven't yet done so, that you:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Indexes in each of the technical sticky threads at the top of this forum. The answer to many common questions, as well as tips and techniques for advanced users, can be found in those sticky threads. The first post in each sticky thread has the Index to the posts in that thread.
  • Update to the latest firmware and assure you're using a TASCAM tested/approved SD card. Doing so will assure you have the most efficient and effective means of using your DP-24/32/SD. You'll find more on that in the Equipment Tips sticky.
  • Regularly back up the contents of the entire SD card. You may experience a failure that may cause the SD card to become unreadable. Also, SD cards do eventually wear out.
Even if the technical stickies do not address your issue directly, chances are you can find a similar situation in the stickies to point you in the right direction (e.g. setting up a MIDI connection is basically the same for all MIDI devices; connecting outboard FX is the same for all types of outboard gear).

If you can't find the answer to your question in the technical stickies, then feel free to start a thread in the general forum explaining your question (Please see How To Search The Forum below). When doing so:

  • Please title the thread to clearly state the topic (e.g., DP-24SD Buttons Not Working);
  • Let us know which sticky post(s) you’ve consulted. This will help assure a more timely and focused response from us, as we’ll know what you’ve already tried;
  • Please be methodical and detailed in explaining your issue; and
  • Please use the precise TASCAM terminology when describing the various knobs, buttons, buses, etc. associated with your question. For example, the DP series does not have “channels”: it has “Inputs A~H”; “Tracks 1~ 24”. Input A has a “Trim Knob”; Track 3 has a “Select Button”; Input A has a “Source Button”; etc. While anything less may be crystal clear to you, it will only serve to delay obtaining a resolution to your question while we obtain clarifications from you.
Please Post Your Outcome To The Forum
Hundreds of new users post a problem/issue with their device and disappear. Meanwhile, many experienced forum users take time to voluntarily research the issue and offer proposed solutions. We never know if those solutions helped or not. All we ask is that you return to the thread you created and let us know if the proposed solutions solved your problem. This contributes to the knowledge base and makes it easier on the next person with that problem. This is especially helpful if the proposed solutions do not solve the issue, because forum members will continue to try and help you solve your problem.

How To Search The Forum

It is highly recommended that you search the forum for solutions before creating a new thread. Most likely the answer you are seeking has been posted by other users.

Quick Search:
At the upper right is the search field. Enter your keywords into that field to search the selected forums of interest.

The "Search Results for Query:" page will be displayed.

Please note that there are two tabs on the results page: One tab displays Google Results, while the other tab displays Site Results. Please click on Site Results to see all the matching threads on the forum.
Detailed Search:
Under the main tab named Forums, there is also a sub-tab named Search Forums where you can launch a more comprehensive search.

Uploading Photos To The Forum
Photos cannot be directly uploaded to the Forums. Use a hosting service of your choice (e.g Google Photos) and post a link in a message.
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How To Write A Good 1st Post

If, after searching the Forum for a solution, you are welcome to create a Thread and your first post. Here are a few tips for doing that and also following up with subsequent posts on the same Thread:

Thread = A topic that contains Posts.
Posts = Individual posts on a Thread.

1. Craft a good title for the Thread

Read the User Manual first!

You know what you are talking about, but assume that no one else knows what you are talking about. Please give as much detail as you can in your initial post. Do not assume that because this is a forum for Tascam equipment, your piece of Tascam equipment issue is well known and understood by everyone. Be specific. Use standard terms from the User Manual. Often, people refer to things like "channels" or "volume" but those terms are not the ones used in the UM for those items.

If it's clear that the answer to your question is easily found in the User Manual, you may not get an answer right away (or maybe not at all). Many of the more experienced Forum users are active engineers with little tolerance for what is clearly a lazy question.

2. Stick to a single subject

Many times, users will start a Thread and then after they get their answer, they will proceed to the next question they might have, but they do so on the original Thread. That creates havoc on the indexing and search capability of the forum. So, remember: New Subject = New Thread.

3. Be sure to follow up!

We see people far too many people come to the Forum, post a single question, never to return. We have no idea whether the suggestions worked or not. Not only does that show a lack of appreciation for the time spend by other Forum users, it also makes finding a solution all the more difficult for the next person.

4. Please stop asking "Has anyone else seen this?"

Do you really want a show of hands, or do you want someone to help you resolve your issue? It doesn't matter if anyone else has experienced your issue. We see many issues for the first time on the Forum. We will work with you to resolve your issue even if no one else in the world has seen it before.

Enjoy your time on the Tascam Forums!
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