New to Forum, My Tascam 38 has a recording issue


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May 22, 2013
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Tascam 38
Hi Folks - I have a 38 that I acquired and really love Analog sound - been around the gear for decades - but not a tech - altho I have a lot of experience building stuff - back from the thru-hole electronics days.

So the deck has an issue with that when I put it into record, I get level in all the meters, and looks like it is recording. But no signal on the tape. I can hear old recordings ( not that I have made, they were on the tape.)

I've read that maybe the relays - but all 8 tracks, probably not. Suggestions?


If you are monitoring fronm the sync head,you will see input signal on the meters.If you switch to the repro mode,it shows what is recorded on the tape.If all 8 channels are not recording,I would suspect there is no bias,(which is needed to be able to record),being generated,or not making it ot the heads.Of course, I'm assuming you know how to set the machine up to record. :)
well, took all the cards out, deoxit's the connections, gave the tape patha good cleaning on the bench - and she is running great - just checked all the channels and getting signal at probably 80-85% of what she is capable of. I'm a happy camper - way more fun than installing and troubleshooting plugins...

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