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May 1, 2013
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TASCAM 2488Neo
Masters first of all sorry for asking such lame things, but bare with me as I am new and just coping up....

My Unit is : TASCAM 2488 Neo (Since last 2 years)

So here I go:-
1) How do I find which firmware version my TASCAM 2488 Neo is using?
2) How do I find which generation is my TASCAM 2488 Neo?
3) I am planning on HDD upgrade, I have read the instructions on how to upgrade in the forum but not quite convinced with just the sentences...Is there any video anywhere on internet that shows how to open (screw open) the unit and how to close (screw close) the unit with all the knotche's (if any), tips and tricks and things I should be cautioned about etc....?
4) How do I find WITHOUT OPENING THE UNIT what interface (IDE, SATA, or PATA) is my unit HDD is - so that I can order an HDD for an upgrade?
5) Has anyone ever tried IDE/SATA/PATA to SD Card adapter in this unit? any issues or so?
6) What's the best place to put my unit for sale? It's in pristine condition, I want to get ride of it as I want to buy the new DP24 as it has SD Card which is my major requirement.

Appreciate any help on any or all of the above in detail.

Thanks and Best Regards,
1) - on start up check the screen for the firmware. Although as far as I am aware there have been no updates since the machine was introduced
2) - dont understand what you mean by which generation. There have been three 2488's made - Mark I, Mark II and then the Neo
3) - Upgrading the HDD is very easy as is opening up the unit. There are instructions (hopefully on here) with pics. Do it on a flat surface big enough to hold both front and back sections. Go slowly and dont pull to hard when you seperate the to halves. Make sure you dont have any cables caught in between the two halves when you put it back together - this is from person experience.
4) - I believe they are all IDE - but I may be wrong.
5) - No idea
6) - eBay - but why ask all the other stuff if you are selling??

Zeek thank you very much for the reply. Can you please post the link to the webpage where the detailed instructions ALONG WITH THE PICTURES are available on how to open the unit?

Awaiting Reply,
Thanks and Best Regards

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