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Aug 23, 2014
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tascam neo
i have a neo. i have been recording with it, but i am not too bright on how to hook things up. my first issue that i have run into at the moment, is i recorded guitar and drums. i can play them back and hear them.

okay. so i plug in the bass. and i have signal. but i cannot hear it. i dont understand. i have recorded before and didnt have this problem. the other night i was recording on ch 1. guitar. so i want to do a vocal on ch 2.

unplugged mike from 1 and put in 2. levels set the same. once again no sound. i dont really recall whether i had a signal. as it was a little dark. but none the less, i had no sound and previously that night i recorded vocals on 2. hmmmm.

well if anyone can tell me why i have a bass signal but cant hear it,but can hear the other tracks. please help.

okay i might as well get tomy other issue which is how to connect an external effects to the neo. i know it is probably simple, but once again i am severely technically challenged.

thanks for any help.

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