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Feb 23, 2014
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Hey guys,

i have recently bought a new computer, a Toshiba P70 A. Unfortunately, this computer does not have a firewire slot, nor does it have a PCI slot. With my previous computer, which didn´t have a firewire slot either, i used a firewire card which went on the PCI slot, and it worked fine.

What can i do in this situation, how do i connect my FW 1884 to the computer?

Also, i see that there is no windows 8 driver for the FW 1884, and though i know that windows 8 allows us to use earlier versions of drivers, i haven´t been able to install the windows 7 driver for a Edirol UA 5, and i fear it will be the same with the windows 7 driver for the FW 1884. Any tips?

If there is no Firewire ports and no PCI slots, does it have only USB ports or does it feature Thunderbolt?
There are lots of FireWire to USB 2 adapters, which will work with USB 3.0 ports. Will it work with the FW 1884, I can't say. It should... I suppose it will depend on the quality of the adapter.
Alexandre, you stated you do not have a PCI slot in your new machine, which is not surprising. But you probably do have an empty PCIe slot, yes? I found a firewire card for PCIe at a few months back; it may still be there.
We should check to see if the laptop you already bought is going to work with your FireWire interface?

I'm beginning to see the problem here.
@Gravity Jim , dude, take a chill pill. i don´t know what PCIe is and ask someone to check the specs, if that is such an issue then don´t bother contributing to a forum. the laptop that i already bought , which you so eloquently italicized as a way of enhancing just how above it all you are, was not bought with music production in mind, music only came as an afterthought of someone who doens´t have a studio right now. I just thought "what if..." and decided to ask here

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