No sound from my Tascam 424mkiii!

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    Tascam 424mkiii
    Hello, everyone!

    I recently bought a Tascam 424mkiii and only now got a chance to try it. The original owner didn't have a power supply so he couldn't check if it was working or not but the portastudio is in great condition. But, well, the problem is that I can't hear any sounds from it... I put in the cassette and tried to play it just as a test but the meters don't move at all. It seems they're stuck at maximum positions and that's it. Also what I find strange is that the "brackets" around channels 1, 2 and 4 are blinking and I have absolutely no idea why. For some reason I can't attach the photo here so I uploaded it to Imgur: The inputs are all set to tape, all mixers are in normal positions, line out is set to L-R. What could be the problem here? As a sidenote, it's my first portastudio so I'm a complete noob and know next to nothing about how to use it properly

    P.S. All right, the "brackets" were blinking because these channels were set to direct
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    Well since he did not have the right supply it is possible he tried to power it with the wrong one and then that will damage the unit and on top of that if they went inside and played with the deck they could have upset the meters settings- there could be all kinds of things wrong with the unit that were done to it. The meters might just be the op amps are putting out the Positive DC rail as Op amps do not want reverse voltage to them they blow out. This is not going to be a simple job but one for a technician and probably not cheap. This is why buying not at the lowest price but a unit from a Technician with a warranty is the right way to do this. The units I sell have a 6 month warranty.