No system audio in OS X 10.8.5 but DAW audio is fine


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Mar 9, 2013
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I've just migrated my studio over to an 8-core Mac Pro tower (from an i5 PC build) and have run into an odd quirk... in Cubase 7 and Premiere Pro CS5.5 I have no trouble getting audio with my stereo-out routed to ch31-32 on the board, but in OS X I do not have any system audio. In the Audio MIDI Setup utility I have the IF-FW/DM mkII selected for input, output, and system sounds, however I am not able to move any of the channel sliders. Under the "Configure Speakers..." section I have ch31 and 32 selected for left and right front outputs, and it DOES play the test noise when I click the button, but that's about the only sound I can get outside of the aforementioned apps. Oddly enough, when I put Steam (game management app) into "big picture mode" while testing a new video card I had full sound through DM, but not when I exited back to the regular app.

Under Sound> Output in the system preferences I am told "The selected device has no output controls" when I have the IF-FW/DM mkII highlighted, and the volume slider as well as the menu bar volume icon are greyed out, though the volume indicator is set at maximum.

In case it's relevant:
DM-4800 (latest firmware)
IF-FW/DM mkII (v1.22 driver, haven't tried the 1.3 yet)
Mac Pro 3,1 8-core Xeon @2.8Ghz
16GB of RAM
GT-640 w/2gb DDR3
OS X 10.8.5
Cubase 7
Adobe CS5.5

Any thoughts? Thanks!


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Maybe try the latest IF-FW drivers first if you haven't yet.
I just upgraded to 10.8.5 and lost all connectivity with my IF-FW card. It doesn't show up in the sound system pref, in the DAW's or AUDIO MIDI setup. I'm going to try and re-install version 1.22 to see of this helps anything.

update: nope. Mac still not seeing the IF-FW
Fiber, that's the whole issue. I NEED driver v1.3 but can't find it
Forgot to mention that it's also a clean install of 10.8.5 from scratch, as well as all the DAW software. System audio is still glitchy but my DAW and Prem Pro work fine, so I'm going to stick with the 1.22 driver at least until I get a few projects off of the table and have time to risk breaking it some more.
Alright, so I went ahead and updated to Mavericks 10.9 and decided to give the v1.30 driver a shot, I'm sad to say that I am still experiencing the same scenario described in my initial post- no system audio from OS X through the DM-4800, though my DAW and video rig work fine. Does anybody have any ideas that don't involve running another cable from the Mac into the DM? Thanks :)

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