Noisy preamps? Tascam US 1x2hr

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    Aug 2022
    Tascam 1x2hr
    I bought the US 1x2hr recently and it seems like the preamps are extremely noisy. I had a m-track solo and I did not seem to have this issue. I wanted something that could do 24bit so I went with this unit. I'm not sure if there is some kind of room noise that I am picking up and didn't notice before or if the preamps are just that noisy. I can really hear it in my monitor headphones. Is this just a defective unit or should I end up going with something like the scarlet solo. Let me know what you think but right now my audio is basically unusable.

    Edit: Turns out there is an electrical box in the room i was recording in that was producing some electrical interference that my mic was picking up. I took the setup with my laptop to another room and the noise was gone. I must have just not noticed it before or something environmental was causing more electrical interference. But it doesn't seem to be the preamps making the noise.
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