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Rickey Mifflin

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Apr 28, 2014
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Hi folks, I'm Rick Mifflin from Dittmer Mo, and I just joined up.I'm using a Tascam DP24 and an Apple iMac with garage band.Also an ART pro mpa II Tube Preamp,Lexicon MX400 fx, Behringer multicom pro mdx4400 compressor,a tascam us1800 interface for the imac,a 6 channel ART headphone amp and Yorkville YSM-1 monitors. A Rode nt1a mic,2-CAD M179 mics, 2-cad m217 condenser mics, 2-Nady RSM 5 ribbon mics, MXL R144 ribbon mic,MXL V63M mic,MXL 990 mic,Blue encore 200 dynamic mic, 3- AKG C100S condenser mics, 1-,AKG 4033 condenser,1-Shure sm57.Some mics upgraded with aftermarket premium capsules and all ribbon mics have replacement ribbons and lundahl transformers.AKG and Audio-Technica Recording mostly acoustic based Americana music,Blues,Bluegrass,Folk,Alt-country,singer-songwriter,etc. I play Dobro and lap style slide, acoustic and electric guitars. Scheerhorn Custom Resonator guitar,Imperial Weissenborn slide guitar,Breedlove and Blueridge acoustic guitars,Gibson and Supro lap steels, and a brand new Gibson Les Paul Studio Pro and a Fender Baja Telecaster, an Ibanez Acoustic bass guitar.Amps are a Fender Super Champ XD, a Fishman loudbox mini, and an Acoustic AB-50 bass amp.

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