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Sep 25, 2012
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DM4800 388-8 22-2
I hope I can share this here.

I've been working this video in concept for a year and the past three months were spent recording it and refining it. I love 12-String Guitars and I love my DM4800 and the other stuff with it). Everything was recorded direct into the console via the firewire card.

Again, I hope it's ok that I shared this here, if it needs to be somewhere else, please put it there.


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WOW! Fantastic! Such a job it must have been to put this together - not only does it sound great but it looks good too, with all tags and credits along the way. And even the woolen scarf got credited :). Great stuff!
BTW, I liked your shades in the Steinberger segment!
Absolutely incredible Ernie. Thanks for putting that together. I heave never seen so many 12 strings. I loved how you have named them all girls names. It's like a harem in that room.
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HAH! THE definitive 12 string video of all time! Damn, Ernie - it DOES sound great. It's a treat to hear the sonorities of 24 strings, plus all the other goodies. And the specs at 2:52 are killer too. :geek:

Thanks for doing this!

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Well thank you ALL!!! This forum has been so great to me and has helped me immensely. I know some people don't exactly dig the DM's converters, but I use the TLAudio Fat Track on the front end of everything and my ears for the rest.

I'm working on the "Behind The Scenes" videos next - yes, I did that.

Thanks again for your kind words. But I'll take some mixing suggestions also. I do ok, but can always do better with great ears helping me.
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That was seriously good Ernie - really enjoyed it - thankyou. You definitely have a case of 12-string GAS.
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Why thanks!!

I also wanted to point out that I did a "Hybrid Mix" approach here with both the Remote layer AND the board Automation for little corrections on the fly. I think I'm a fan!!!

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