Old DOCs for 2488, MKII and Neo


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Sep 26, 2012
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I'd saved on my computer some Docs from the old Tascam Forums.

Attached are the Tack Sheet and MKII menu structure that I don't know the name of the authors.

I also have a nice Home Guide compiled by Don Robertson but it's not allowing me to attach it saying the file is to big, 350 Kbytes.

I'll try to find if I have something more....


  • 2488__Track_Sheet_03.rar
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  • 2488_MK1_Menu_Structure.rar
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Awesome, thank you. The attachment size limit has been increased.
OK !

This is the 2488 HOME GUIDE Compiled and edited by Don Robertson.

It is a nice guide with a lot of tips about everything including Midi Sync that works for all 2488 family and also include tips to use the Drum Machine and Tone Generator for the original 2488 and MKII.


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I apparently have nothing on this computer capable of opening the .rar files. So I was going to upload Double's 2488 Home Guide in pdf. Unfortunately this site won't accept a pdf. I've got other files as well, but all in pdf. Oh well, I tried.

Thanks to our helpful and quick admin, pdf's are now enabled. So here's Double's 2488 Home Guide in pdf format.



  • 2488_Home_Guide__new.pdf
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The RAR files I uploaded early are PDFs too. Attached are the open PDFs files.

The Guide on the RAR file I previously posted is the same HankWillow posted.

It will be nice if these PDF files and the guide to upgrade or change the hard disk, or better, this topic, DOCs for 2488, MKII and Neo, could be posted on a special folder, or sub folder under 2488 folder. As more posts come it will disappear on the list on day by day or month by month basis, you know what I mean ?




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Adriano, I have stickied both this and the other topic so they will always be near the top.
Alright !

I have one more, I converted the post how to upgrade the drive to PDF to make it easy to print and it is attached here.

The original post can be kept for more ideas or discussion.




  • Upgrading the drive in your 2488.pdf
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DJ X made a very valid point, the size of some of these files is large enough to prohibit posting them here directly. So to that end here are links to the source, Tascam.

And the whole page. This probably belongs somewhere else more general.

Obviously we're at their mercy as far as how long they'll continue to host the files, but their track record so far is quite encouraging. Of course most of y'all were probably aware of this resource, but it might help a newbie or two save some time looking.

Oops, one more. This is for the HGR-2488 display adapter. A marvelous addition for old pfarts like me with failing eyesight. It's easy to install and works great. And furthermore, the folks at HGR are wonderful to deal with. Steve Reynolds was the guy I conversed with.


Here is a table which shows the numerary of the built-in compressor and it's resultant Ratio-Value. Same for the Noise Suppresser.
I got it from the German Tascam support and it is effective for the MKII and the Neo.

Regards from Berlin


  • 2488MK2_Neo_fx_Parameter.pdf
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